Craig Hawkins


"I like to collect moments of revelation.  I take these personal, local moments and record them through meditative compositions, high contrast, and expressive mark making with the hope of expressing them as having applicable qualities. Seeing the history of process is exciting to me and I value the visual evidence of the artist’s hand in a work of art.

All I do is create work based on my personal response to what I read. The bible is my primary influence. The process from the moment of revelation to the final work of art is a mystery to me. The experience I try to record feels universally important and personally applicable at the same time and I’m compelled to explore this moment to create a visually stimulating record with mark making.

I don’t know what it is about mark making but I get great satisfaction from it. I think it has something to do with discovering how everything develops some kind of relationship with light. Within my process I don’t seek to produce an idea or subject as a camera would but would rather pick and choose distinctive areas of focus. There’s something exciting about finding that area of a figure or subject that’s irresistible to draw and then struggling to develop other areas to coexist and compliment that area.

I feel complete when creating a piece that explores depths of truth, and mark making. It’s like holding the hand of God to tell a really good story. My love of contrast between light and dark, natural and supernatural becomes the integrity of my work. When each created piece makes contact with another person my process is complete and there’s an opportunity for the story to be shared, a resource has been provided.

Most of my work consists of Biblically based contextualized figures. I can’t think of anything more emotionally, physically, and mentally intense than the Bible. It is full of murder, betrayal, greed, lust, prostitution, nudity, covetousness, war, sex, and illegitimate pregnancy. But in contrast it has the ultimate examples of truth, love, mercy, grace, trust, integrity, wisdom, strength, courage, leadership, beauty, patience, humility, true life, miraculous healing, and people being raised from the dead. Although my content is the inspiration for the work I produce I believe there is a balance of aesthetics and content for each piece per my love of mark making, symmetry, and contrast."

- Craig Hawkins