Heather Hilton


Heather Hilton was born in Albany, New York in 1945. She received her MFA in sculpture in 1970 from Virginia Commonwealth University. In 1971 she came to Atlanta to teach sculpture at Spelman College. After 12 years of teaching, she left to focus on her sculpture.

Heather has received a number of awards for her sculpture including purchase awards at The LaGrange National Show in Georgia, the Del Mar College National Drawing and Sculpture Show in Texas, and at the Fine Arts Museum of the South Juried Exhibition in Alabama. She also received The Warner Communications Award given by the National Sculpture Society. Heather's sculpture has been in many juried national, regional, and state art exhibitions as well as numerous Atlanta shows, and is in collections around the country.

β€œIn this society, there has been a long history of emphasis on separating, on analyzing, on breaking into parts. We need synthesis, wholeness, and a balancing of the different aspects of self. What I am doing with my sculpture is my individual attempt to experience something that is unifying and to communicate that to others. It is a continuing and evolving process with growth of awareness and sensitivity. Rather than making abrupt changes in approach, medium, or technique; there have been years of continuity with gradual changes that happen through a more intuitive way.

I am not pursuing the new. My sculpture communicates, if I am successful, what is so well known by the viewer, from whatever background, that there can be spontaneous identification with the work in a unifying experience. I choose to not title the sculpture because a name limits and distracts from knowing directly. I have been aware of the importance to me of others knowing the sculpture through immediate, direct experiencing rather than through removed intellectual understanding.” Heather Hilton - Sculptor