James Andrew Smith


James Andrew Smith began painting when he was 10 years old, studying with a respected Tulsa artist. The only child in an adult art class, the instructor stood James on a box to reach the easel. His early instinct for color, light and form were clearly evident and they continue to be hallmarks of his work as a contemporary realist.

James attended Booker T. Washington High School where he continued art exploration. His teacher was instrumental in providing him with the encouragement to pursue his creativity. During high school, James worked for Renberg’s, a once local Tulsa department store, creating hand-drawn fashion illustrations for their weekly newspaper advertisements. After high school, James completed a degree in Graphic Design. After 10 years as a successful designer, James returned to his childhood love of oil painting and formally began his art career in 2001.

James’ focus is primarily the still life, a context that allows him to control the composition, lighting and subject matter. In taking ordinary objects and presenting them in an contemporary manner, his work carries on the historic precedent of elevating commonplace subject matter to the status of fine art.