Joe Remillard


"I often forget that I was once an attorney.  After three years of practicing in New York, I switched directions and headed South to earn my Masters in Painting from the University of Georgia. I have never looked back.

I am now a professor of drawing and painting at Kennesaw State University, located north of Atlanta.  I paint and draw daily.

I am a traditional realist and so I never project or trace an image. 

The people and places I paint are guided by a philosophy which sees life as incredibly precious and fleeting, and that, through art, the beauty of certain moments can be immortalized.  I am attracted to images which have a distinctive sense of light and which hint at the layering of modern and historic elements.  The times within which we live are just a tiny piece of a much bigger picture.  I see that tiny piece as containing some universal ideas about life and beauty which I hope are reflected in my art. "

- Joe Remillard