LeeAnna Repass

leeanna_repass_atlanta_artist (8) copy.jpg

LeeAnna Repass lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia and is a graduate of the Atlanta College of Art. She also specializes in acrobatic movement, with forays into archaic needlework, and the slow resurrection of an antique house.

In her body of work that is focused on rendering water surfaces using soft pastel on paper, she is motivated by concepts of intermediate spaces as they relate to the experience of embodiment, wholeness in the face of entropy, and the relentlessness of time's effects. These ideas are emphasized through the scale of the work. Working with a highly detailed approach she seeks to use hyper-realism as a means to reveal sublime abstractions.

Her graphite drawings are meditations on shared patterning and the ultimate fragility of all things. These pieces emphasize the enormity found within small entities, both in terms of moments, and nature’s minutia.