Melvin Toledo


Melvin Toledo’s interest in art began as a teenager with drawings of characters from the popular Japanese manga series, Dragon Ball Z.  Encouraged by family members and others who had seen his drawings, he left his small hometown in northern Nicaragua to attend the School of Fine Arts in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  It was at La Escuela de Bellas Artes that he received his first art lessons.  In 2000, he began working as a still life painter for his uncle’s home decorating company where he painted bodegones (still life), using a mixture of oil paint and lithographic ink.  These paintings were sold by door to door salesmen who traveled across Honduras.  In 2007, he came to the U.S. where he began to paint exclusively in oils. Melvin’s paintings have been shown in juried exhibitions and shows in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina.

My paintings are realistic representations of objects from everyday life that I find interesting and beautiful. Sometimes they are compositions about color or inspired by a story I’ve heard. Others are about giving the viewer a little laugh!

I paint in my home studio where I like to set up my compositions under soft light. I paint directly from life and occasionally refer to photographs that I have taken of my subjects. I enjoy working with oils because their brilliant colors and paint qualities allow me to create different textures and a more truthful rendition of my subjects.

I hope my paintings inspire the viewer to take a moment from their busy life to admire the beauty of the little things around us.