Art + Yoga

at the gallery


Sunday, March 24th

10am to 12:30pm

This is a unique class that combines yoga and art to help express, strengthen, and calm the body and mind.

Mason Fine Art is offering a special class to adults and kids - separately - but at the same time. This allows the adults and kids to both have meaningful experiences that they can share after the class, while also enjoying their own separate experience.

The entire class is 2.5 hours. The first hour, the kids (ages 7-12) will enjoy a yoga/meditation class, while the adults participate in a class to create a piece of intentional art (no art experience necessary!). The second hour, the adults will enjoy a yoga/meditation class while the kids have fun creating art.

Families can come together for this unique experience or individuals (adults or kids) can come on their own. Ages 7 and up.

$50 per person (price includes art supplies)

Call 404.879.1500 and ask for Rachel to reserve a spot!